Our patients lose an average of 85% excess weight in 12 months, maintained at 2 years, far above national average. Find out why…

When: Monday, 27th of May
Where: 1 Lake Orr Drive, Varsity Lakes
Time: 6:00pm – 8.30pm

You will hear the facts straight from Dr Jordaan, the Surgical Weight Loss team and a patient who has undergone bariatric surgery.

Dr Jordaan will discuss:

  • Causes and complications of obesity
  • Surgical treatment options
  • Criteria for surgery
  • Potential benefits
  • Possible risks and complications
  • Steps to surgery and life-long commitment

Members of the surgical and support team will discuss:

  • How to prepare for surgery
  • How to look after your new weight anatomy
  • How to reframe your thinking for long-term success

A patient who has been through the whole process will:

  • Show you real life results
  • Discuss what to expect after surgery
  • Explain how their eating behaviours, appetite and food preferences have changed
  • Answer all of your questions about what it is like to experience this journey as a patient

Choosing to undergo weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision. We host free educational seminars to give you an opportunity to find out if weight loss surgery is the right path for you.

These educational seminars provide you with an opportunity to meet Dr Jordaan and our team in an open discussion forum. You will get the chance to have all of your questions answered and hear the answers to further questions you may not have thought to ask.

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