Shared Care Sleeve Program

Are you interested in a surgical weight loss program at a fraction of the cost?

A sleeve gastrectomy at The Surgical Weight Loss Centre gives an average of 85% excess weight loss at 12 months sustained to 2 years – far above the national average of 60%.

It’s safe and it works. The Shared Care Sleeve Program is designed to be:

  • Affordable: The cost of $980 covers the surgeon, anaesthetist, surgical assistant, and 12 months of online multi disciplinary team support (nurses, dietitians, exercise therapists, wellness coaches).
  • Integrated: The program is designed to run in cooperation with your General Practitioner, who will oversee your long-term care.
  • Accessible: The program is based online in order to increase accessibility and reduce costs.

Safe: One of Australia’s most experienced upper GI surgeons—Dr Jordaan has 25 years’ experience and a safety profile which far exceeds national average.*

Download our FREE Shared Care Sleeve Program Guide to find out:

  • What the program includes
  • How it can improve your health
  • If you’re a suitable candidate

*As part of an independent study.

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