At the Surgical Weight Loss Centre, we know that weight loss surgery is about more than just surgery.

We take the time to get to know you so we can understand your previous struggles, determine what you need to succeed and make a commitment to supporting you to achieve successful, long-term weight loss.


It is important to understand that obesity is a chronic disease. It is a genuine medical condition.

Obesity is not merely a problem of self-control. At the Surgical Weight Loss Centre, we understand this very well.

Our patients with obesity often complain of feeling hungry or needing large meals to feel satisfied. They are regularly drawn to foods that are high in sugar and fat, and comfort eat to cope with stress, anxiety and low moods.

Fortunately, a tailored surgical weight loss program can change this.

Why choose us?

Our proven approach delivers superior, safe, sustained weight loss.

The journey starts with a comprehensive initial assessment where Dr Jordan, with his 25 years’ experience as a gastrointestinal surgeon, will discuss with you if weight loss surgery is the right path for you.

If he believes you will benefit from surgical weight loss, he will rigorously assess and investigate your health to determine which procedure is best for your circumstances. He will manage any existing conditions before, during and after the operation to ensure your safety and success.

Dr Jordaan has established a strong multidisciplinary team of specially trained anaesthetists, physicians, nurses, dietitians and psychologists to ensure you are well prepared for surgery, and to maximise your long-term weight loss.

Remember that you are not alone. We are here to help.

During your operation, you will be in the safest hands. Dr Jordaan has performed many thousands of gastrointestinal surgeries to the highest standard. Your safety is paramount and his meticulous attention to detail ensures you will have the best possible outcome with long-lasting results. He selects the specific procedure that most suits your particular needs and performs it meticulously to achieve an exceptionally low complication rate.

Our thorough pre-operative assessment is key to maximising safety. We rigorously assess and investigate your health. This may include arranging reviews and investigations by other specialists, such as cardiologists or gastroenterologists, to manage any existing conditions before, during and after the operation to ensure your safety. A detailed nutritional screening is also required before surgery to identify if vitamin and mineral deficiencies are already present, as more than a third of candidates for bariatric surgery have ‘high calorie malnutrition’.

Our dietitians provide customised advice and support to ensure your diet correctly prepares you for surgery, supports your new anatomy through your recovery and keeps you healthy for life.

Our clinical psychologist will assist you to identify potential barriers that may hinder your success and teach you how to overcome them through ‘mindful eating’ and awareness training.

Our anaesthetists are highly experienced in managing the particular challenges of bariatric patients undergoing weight loss surgery. They will proactively optimise your pain relief to support you through your surgery comfortably.

Our bariatric nurses will case manage you through the entire process, from your first appointment, to your operation and lifelong follow-up.

Our administrative team will help you negotiate the sometimes-confusing process of the Australian private health care system, from hospital admission to health insurance claims and Medicare rebates.

Our multidisciplinary team will meet regularly to discuss your care, while our bariatric nurses will see you through the entire process from your first appointment, to your operation and your life-long follow-up.

With our help, and your dedication, you can turn your life around and achieve permanent weight control for a healthier, happier future.