Get informed with The Surgical Weight Loss Centre here on the Gold Coast!

It is our believe that education breeds power and with this power patients and medical proffesionals can make more informed decisions. During our events sessions we share helpful information with our audiences to assist in growing the industry, sharing our own experiences and passing our knowledge to the greater public!

Weightloss Workshop - May 27th



Weightloss Workshop

When: Monday May 27th, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm
Where: 1 Lake Orr Drive, Varsity Lakes

Jordaan Surgical and Weight Loss Solutions Australia have changed thousands of lives.

Now, we’ve joined together to help more even more people!

See how at our next Weightloss Workshop! 

Learn about surgical and non-surgical procedures – medications, balloons, bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy’s and how our doctors, nurses, dieticians, and psychologists provide support.

There will also be ‘speed’ consults with our expanded team, including leading surgeon  Doctor Jorrie Jordaan.




We are currently accepting expressions of interest for a series of webinars!

Dr Jordaan will discuss:

Causes and complications of obesity

Surgical treatment options

Criteria for surgery

Potential benefits

Possible risks and complications

Steps to surgery and life-long commitment

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