Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with bariatric surgery. The risk of a surgical complication is low, approximately 1 to 2%. To put this into perspective, it is approximately the same overall risk as having your gallbladder removed, and is less than having a joint replaced. However, when complications do occur they can potentially be harder to fix.

A leak from the staple line can occur in 1% of cases. Early detection and management is crucial to give the patient the best chance of a quicker, smoother recovery. However, in some cases if a leak occurs the recovery time can be lengthy. If leaks are going to occur, they typically present in the first two weeks after the operation. Once past this point, few things can go wrong. The risks of surgery need to be weighed up against the risk of leaving severe obesity untreated. Talk to your doctor about whether bariatric surgery would be a suitable option for you.

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