At the Surgical Weight Loss Centre, Dr Jordaan performs both primary and revisional procedures.

Primary Procedures

For patients undergoing either gastric sleeve, bypass or banding, our bariatric program fee includes the surgeon’s fees for the procedure and entry into our specialised bariatric program. As treatment is tailored to each individual patient, cost doesn’t play a role in deciding a course of action.

Bariatric Program Fee includes more than just the surgeon’s fee for the procedure. It includes the out-of-pocket costs for:

  • The final pre-operative consultation with Dr Jordaan, our bariatric medical doctors & our bariatric nurses
  • Hiatus hernia repair or removal of the gallbladders at the time of the bariatric procedure if necessary
  • The Assistant Surgeon’s fee for the procedure
  • All reviews in hospital by Dr Jordaan, our bariatric medical doctors & our baraitric nurses
  • Bariatric case management by our bariatric nurses
  • Support group sessions including Wellness Workshops
  • 12 months of medical management by our Bariatric Medical Doctors
  • 12 months of wellness coaching and lifestyle modification program (dieticians & coaches & nurses) *
  • 24/7 access to medical care via our After Hours Urgent Care line

Revisional Procedures

There is a wide variation in the options for revisional surgery.  Your previous procedure and your medical circumstances will determine the optimal procedure for you.  A quote will be able to be provided once the procedure has been determined.

Private Health Insurance

Dr Jordaan performs bariatric surgery for patients who have private health insurance that fully covers bariatric surgery.


Dr Jordaan operates at Pindara Private Hospital, located in Benowa, and the Gold Coast Private Hospital, located in Southport.

Wait times

Our current wait times for initial consultations are approximately two to three weeks. Surgery wait times are around two to three weeks

*the number of discounted LifeStyle Modification Sessions in the 12 months after surgery depends on the aftercare package you select.

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