Accountability for long term success

Accountability for long term success

By Simone Bourner Accredited Practising Dietitian


Feeling as though you need an extra push? Here are some tips to help keep you accountable and ensure long term success:




Have you set some goals for this year? Think about what you would most like to get out of surgery and ongoing? Perhaps you have particular health factors, clothes, actions, an event, or a special occasion you are working towards. Write your goals down or create a vision board to help set in concrete.




Once you meet a particular goal, choose a positive reward as an encouragement to continue. Some non-food-based ideas might be new running shoes, a haircut, movie, massage or pedicure, a favourite activity with the family, or a new tech item you. Have had your eye on.


Share your journey


Tell your friends and family about your weight loss journey, what you are doing, and why ask them to support you. Choose positive people to surround yourself with – grant them waysome tough love to help keep you on track. It’s much harder to fall off the wagon when you have shared your goals and have a support network in place.


Engage in your specialist sessions


Feel free to come with questions or topics for your appointments. Let us help you navigate the many changes you will be faced with pre and post your surgery.


Be honest


Don’t be afraid to tell your clinician if something is not working for you or you are struggling. We are here to help you get the best results and understand it needs to be practical and something you are willing to follow. In the same way, please don’t be concerned about revealing what went wrong. We aren’t 100% perfect ourselves and we don’t expect that from you either. Change is a big process that doesn’t happen overnight so it’s very normal to have slips along the way. We can help you learn and develop your skills for the future.


Can’t make an appointment?


Don’t give in! Ring with notice and we are happy to reschedule your session. If its last minute, we can offer a skype or phone consult at the same time so we can still check in and answer any questions you may have. Need help earlier? Did you know you can ring or email with your questions in between and we can even book additional sessions if required?


The bottom line is, we are all here to help you get the results you want. Maximise your time with your Jordaan Surgical clinicians by letting us know what we can do for you.