Exercise, Toning and Increased Collagen

Exercise, Toning and Increased Collagen

One of the biggest concerns amongst our Bariatric patients is having loose or saggy skin due to weight loss. To help to combat this we recommend regular weight bearing exercise.


Did you know that regular exercise stimulates collagen production and increases the amount of human growth hormones released by your body?


Collagen is a protein that comprises most of the connective tissue in the tendons, ligaments and bones. It is responsible for supporting the skin and its production helps to slow the aging process. The increase of collagen makes your skin thicker which helps to diminish loose and saggy skin.


Studies have shown that functional body weight and strength training combined with regular cardio exercise such as walking or bike riding will produce the best results. As little as two 20-30min training sessions a week will give you fantastic results, so make sure you include regular exercise as part of your post-surgery routine.

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