Increased Exercise = Increased Metabolism

Increased Exercise = Increased Metabolism

On every weight loss journey, you will inevitably hit a plateau. This will happen for many reasons but one of the main ones is that as you lose weight your body will attempt to reserve energy and your metabolism will start to slow down. This in turn can lead to a loss in lean muscle which further slows your metabolism and leads to poor toning and muscle definition.


So how can we avoid these plateaus and increase your weight loss?


With exercise!


Exercise will increase your body’s lean muscle mass and a string lean body requires a higher metabolism to maintain its lean body mass. Strong lean muscles not only act as your body’s fat burning furnace but also help to create a long, toned, look whist tightening skin.


Just walking regularly will aid in the process of maintaining muscle however adding in some form of resistance training will greatly improve the results. This could be anything from swimming, aqua fit classes, body weight circuits, light weight training, pilates, or even yoga.


The main key to great results is consistency.