New Findings on Junk Food

New Findings on Junk Food

Think about how different life would be if you felt full and satisfied after consuming a small portion of nutritionally dense food …

According to new research, Australian households are spending half their food budget on discretionary or ‘junk’ food items and soft drinks.

Analysis of the Australian Health Survey found that of the 58 per cent spent on ‘unhealthy’ foods, 14 per cent was used to buy takeaways and four per cent sugar-sweetened beverages.

Public health expert and dietitian Professor Amanda Lee from the Sax Institute, says the findings are worrying given poor diet is a leading cause of preventable illness.

“Less than four per cent of Australians eat adequate quantities of healthy foods, yet more than 35 per cent of their energy intake comes from discretionary foods and drinks, which provide little nutrition,” said Professor Lee.

The research also found that, although healthy diets cost 15 per cent less than current ‘unhealthy’ diets…

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