Exercise and Joint Stability

Exercise and Joint Stability

Joint mobility, or the lack of it, is one of the first things we notice as we age. Joints become stiffer and less flexible, we notice swelling and even at times pain as the synovial membranes and fluid that surround the cartilage which protects your joints lessens. However, it is not only age that plays a role in our joint’s mobility and health but also the load we put our joints under. This can be via excessive high impact exercise or in most cases a lack of exercise all together combined with carrying extra weight.


Poor joint mobility leads to some of the simplest tasks becoming difficult, such as; getting up off a chair or couch, getting in and out of a car, climbing stairs, picking something up off the floor or even going for a walk.


The less we use our joints, the weaker they become and if we have also been carrying extra weight on already weakened joints, we find that we now also start to suffer from inflammation and pain which will lead to various types of arthritis.


The good news is that many of these joint related issues can be prevented and reversed through exercise. With simple functional training technique’s, you can regain your joint strength, mobility and confidence and once again get out and about and lead a more active lifestyle.


Don’t let poor joint mobility be what holds you back from leading an active and healthy life and book in for a session with our Exercise Therapist at Jordaan Surgical today.