Cottam visit

We were very excited to have Dr Daniel Cottam from Salt Lake City, USA visit the practice on the 17th of January and see Dr Jordaan and Dr Khan perform the procedure he developed.

Dr Cottam developed the modern Loop Duodenal Switch (SIPS) procedure with Dr Mitch Roslin (New York City, USA) in 2013. Excellent initial results from the USA and worldwide are showing that this procedure leads to 90-100% excess weight loss at 12 months which is maintained.

Dr Jordaan is the only surgeon in Australia to have trained in laparoscopic Loop Duodenal Switch with both Dr Cottam and Dr Roslin at their units in Salt Lake City and New York City in the United States. Dr Jordaan has performed a number of Loop Duodenal Switch procedures since then and is seeing the same excellent initial results.


Cottam visit 2 PS

Cottam theatre 1

Cottam theatre 3


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