This week we will be focusing on National Stroke Week (3-9 September).

Obesity leads to a number of other health issues, and a common one is high blood pressure. This occurs when your heart has to use greater force than normal to pump blood around your body. This can lead to very serious consequences. Persistent high blood pressure increases your risk of heart attacks, stroke, and kidney damage.

The good news is that treating obesity treats high blood pressure. When their obesity is treated, around 75% of sufferers find their blood pressure comes back into the healthy range. Other important treatments include exercise, medication, a healthy diet, and quitting smoking.

If you struggle with obesity and high blood pressure, start the conversation with your doctor today to obtain the most effective weight loss treatment available, for a healthier, happier you.
This year, the Stroke Foundation is encouraging Australians to discover how easy it is to fit healthy habits into their lives to prevent stroke.

Did you know it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of strokes can be prevented?

We can prevent strokes by simply managing risk factors and living a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some risk factors for stroke which can’t be prevented like age, family history and prior stroke.

Take charge of your own health and:
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Stay active (min 30 minutes of exercise daily)
  • Stop smoking
  • Moderate alcohol intake
  • Visit your doctor for a health check to help manage blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat)
Our next patient education information evening will be on:

Monday 24th Sept 2018
6:30 pm
Southport Golf Club
Slatyer Ave 4215

You will learn about:
  • The surgeon who will perform your surgery
  • The team who will support you through your journey
  • Patients who have walked the road before you
  • Have all your questions answered

Want to come? Simply register your attendance below.

We want to use your before and after photos. After all, we are so proud of your results and your journey!
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