At the Surgical Weight Loss Centre, we accept insured patients.

We have a fixed Bariatric Program fee for each of the primary procedures, including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric banding, which covers:

  • The final pre-operative consultation with Dr Jordaan
  • The pre-operative gastroscopy
  • The surgeon’s fee
  • The surgical assistant’s fee
  • All reviews in hospital by Dr Jordaan
  • All post-operative care by Dr Jordaan for 6 weeks following the procedure
  • Two years of bariatric case management by our practice nurse
  • 24/7 access to medical care if problems arise
  • Support group sessions

Other fees to take into account include:

  • Anaesthetist and other specialists – Anaesthetist fees vary depending on your insurance status. Other specialist fees that may apply include the dietitian and psychologist fees. Rebates may be available from Medicare or your private health insurance.
  • Hospital accommodation – The major component of the cost is attributed to your hospital stay. As bariatric procedures require costly specialised equipment, the cost of your surgery can be significantly high. With an adequate level of health insurance, your health fund will cover all, or the majority of, these costs. 
  • Pathology and radiology – Pathology and radiology fees will vary. These accounts are sent to you after surgery. Most blood tests are bulk billed.

For further information, contact us today to talk to one of our friendly staff.

  • How can I find out if my health fund can cover my hospital costs?

    Private health funds will cover procedures listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Each procedure has an individual item number. Contact your health fund and check that you are covered for in-hospital treatment at a private hospital for your procedure. The MBS item numbers for the bariatric procedures are:

    • Sleeve gastrectomy – 31575
    • Gastric bypass – 31572
    • Gastric band – 31569

    When you took out your policy, you may have elected to have an excess or co-payment on your cover. This is usually between $200 to $500 and is payable to the hospital on admission. An excess or co-payment is an out-of-pocket expense. You will not receive any rebates on it.

  • I have “Top Cover”. Why do I still need to pay a gap?

    Unfortunately, the full costs involved in providing quality medical care are not adequately covered by the Gap Cover fee arrangement. Irrespective of your level of cover most common surgical procedures in the private health system involve a gap payment. Weight loss surgery has even more costs as multiple professionals are involved in your care, such as, physicians, dietitians and psychologists.

  • How do I use my superannuation to pay for weight loss surgery?

    You can apply to Centrelink for an early release of superannuation to pay for part or all of your out of pocket costs. You may also access your superannuation to pay for a family member’s treatment. You must complete an application form and obtain a letter of support from both your GP and specialist, clearly stating that you suffer from either a life threatening medical condition or chronic pain, and the treatment of which is not readily available to you in the public hospital system. Medicare will assess your application and will usually make a decision within three weeks. Once approved, your superannuation fund will be instructed to release the required funds to your personal bank account, which usually takes another four to six weeks.

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