I had Gastric Bypass surgery operated on by Doctor Jordaan and have been so grateful for having chosen the best doctor (and his team) and to have given myself this gift of a new life. Starting weight 115 kilos and now 15 months on I am a healthy fit lively 65 kilos. After researching a lot on YouTube and reading lots of stories from others, I felt prepared and possibly over prepared for weight loss surgery.

Its been really easy to loose the weight. It has not been a struggle at all. Dieting was a struggle for me. People I talk with think I am depriving myself by not being able to eat the foods one would want. No, not the case at all- I eat healthy, I eat snack foods, but most importantly I do not feel deprived in anyway. I can only eat a limited amount and this makes me question the quality of food, only wanting to make the right choices to nourish my body rather than stuff it full of rubbish and then beat myself up afterwards because I ate too much. That was a vicious circle for me causing depression of never succeeding with diets.

Of course I was nervous. But I made sure I followed all the instructions given to me by the team re my dietary and supplement needs. And Doctor Jordaan has a wonderful team that has supported me and are still following me through my progress. This I find extremely important as it assures me that I am on the right path. And the team have helped me with corrections that I needed to make regarding making sure all my blood levels are good and healthy.

I am so grateful and thankful that I can walk, bike, swim and be as active as I want. I go on long hikes out into nature, walk up stairs now effortlessly, and go about my day without the huff and puff of moving an overweight body. Just simple things like sitting on the floor, or bending over are all so easy for me. I don’t go to the gym but I do exercises I enjoy. It makes a world of difference walking down the street and holding my head up high rather that feeling conscious of an over weight body. I am not ashamed of myself any more and I can pass by a mirror or see my reflection in a window and think – Wow, is that really me?

I now have an amazing energy and have never felt tired or sluggish after the operation and I am amazed at how the body can adapt. I’m now almost off all my medications and no longer needs her CPAP machine. This operation has been life saving for me, and I so wish others would give themselves this opportunity to turn their health around by having weight loss surgery. Just wish indeed, that I had done it 10 years earlier as my travels would have been so much more enjoyable with a fit body.

Before and After Weight Loss Surgery