Case Study: Laura, 38-year-old female.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2015.Laura Pantry – before and after weight loss surgery

Pre-operative weight: 102kg

Post-operative weight: 62kg

Total weight loss: 40kg

Laura began to enjoy shopping for clothes and felt happy in her own skin within nine months of weight loss surgery, without missing out on dining with friends. She lost 40kg and has kept it off for almost three years!

The thought of having to go clothes shopping used to give Laura anxiety, she hated the looks and stares she’d receive whilst trying on clothes. She was frustrated that it would take weeks to find something in which she felt comfortable. All of that changed after Laura had weight loss surgery.

Within nine months of undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy, Laura reached her goal weight and has maintained it three years on from surgery. Now, she doesn’t think twice about going shopping and actually enjoys it!

Prior to her surgery, Laura was worried about the permanency of the operation and not being able to go out and enjoy a meal with friends. But these fears have never been realised since having surgery. If anything, Laura enjoys going out with friends and for the first time since she was a teenager, she is happy in her own skin and is comfortable with the way she looks.

Using her own weight loss journey as inspiration, Laura wanted to help change the lives of other people going through weight loss surgery. She started an incredible business called Tiny Tummyz, a Gold Coast based company, delivering a complete post-operative frozen meal plan for bariatric surgery patients.

Laura has designed a nutritious, varied and most importantly, tasty range of meals that are delivered frozen. Nutritionally complete, perfectly portioned and super tasty, they help make your own transformation easy.

Completely customizable and reviewed by our dieticians, Tiny Tummyz makes eating with a new Tiny Tummy easy!

Well done Laura, thank you for helping others with their weight loss journey!