Case Study: Mary, 72-year-old female.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2018 – before and after weight loss surgery

Pre-operative weight: 120kg

Post-operative weight (after 6 months): 100kg

Total weight loss: 20kg

I had struggled with my weight all my life having lost probably a ton of weight over those 72 years and was losing the battle rapidly when, on several specialists advice, I decided to become pro-active and seek out bariatric surgery. I knew I was a bit long in the tooth for this surgery, but I was desperate to risk almost anything to prevent my loved ones or the system being burdened to care for an obese, unhealthy, inactive invalid in my old age, which I was fast becoming. At 167cms and a touch over 120 kg, I was weighed down with the many resulting issues of obesity. Among other things I had severe sleep apnoea, reflux, and my heart was labouring as was most of the essential organs in my body. The end of the road was looming.

Previously diagnosed as carbohydrate intolerant and allergic to wheat,(the 21st-century disease), food had become my enemy. I was grazing, seeming to eat very little, but still, this made minimal impact on my continually expanding fat stores. I kept swimming every day for fitness but I had to give up golf which I loved and was finding it difficult to walk with my heart condition. I was becoming anti-social and found society had little patience or concern with me in my condition.

I had been advised by several surgeons that I should contemplate bariatric surgery but as a strong-willed woman, I figured I could win this battle without what I thought was cosmetic surgery. Finally, I had to admit that I had actually lost the battle and the joy of physical freedom years ago.

As it turned out, it was definitely not cosmetic surgery I was contemplating but a procedure that would take the weight off my mind and my life. Luckily, I was referred to the wonderful Dr ‘Jorrie’ Jordaan and the job was done and dusted in no time at all and my recovery has been amazing. As Dr Jordaan insisted, I had a dis-ease which I longer have.

Food is no longer a panacea for my many problems but is guilt free and enjoyable even if in smaller doses.

It is six months since my surgery and my weight is diminishing and my life is expanding. I have lost my food cravings and 20kg in that time. I can barely lift a suitcase at that weight and yet I was hauling it around in my body’s every move every day. I am amazing myself with my physical ability and even recently danced all night. Other advantages:-I sleep better with very little snoring, my heart is in balance with minimal reflux, I can tighten my seatbelt considerably when flying. I can walk, golf, bend, put on my shoes again etc etc. I look forward to losing the next 20kg slowly over the next few years and thus far my joy of life is definitely worth any risk that was involved.

A huge Thank You to Dr Jordaan and his amazing, conscientious and considerate team for being there, for caring and for providing the wonderful service that you do. I will be forever grateful.

With fond regards and wishing you all the very best for the future, Mary.