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It’s been said that we spend our health to gain our wealth, and then spend our wealth to regain our health.

We work too many hours, sleep and exercise too few, and strive to get ahead financially.As a society, we’ve become tired and stressed, we’ve gained weight. We’ve developed an obesity epidemic. Our health suffers.

People often feel that they don’t have the time and money to invest in their health. But as a doctor, I can tell you we can’t afford not to.

Invest in yourself.

Start the conversation with your GP today about obtaining the most effective treatment for your obesity to eat less, move more for a healthier, happier you.




As a parent, I view the health of my children as one of my most important responsibilities. As parents, collectively we have a responsibility to set an example for our children.

The actions we take have a ripple effect on the next generation.

When our children see us making our health a priority, they view their own health as important too. When our children see us eating small portions of nutritious food, they view these food choices as normal. When our children see us running around enjoying outside activities, they want to join in. While our children may not always appreciate the healthy choices we make for them, as they grow up they are more likely to fall back on the habits they learnt from us.

As parents, we have to focus on making changes for ourselves first if we want to have the greatest impact on our children.

If it’s time for you to take decisive action to improve your health, Start the Conversation with your GP about the most effective options available to help you eat less, move more, for a healthier, happier you.



As a parent, I view the health of my children as one of my most important responsibilities. For better or worse, my children have inherited my genes. I can’t do much about that.

But what I can do is create an environment that will shield them from developing the diseases that I have a tendency to develop. 

As a doctor, I know that obesity has a strong inherited component. 

When adults are predisposed to developing obesity, so are their children. For parents with obesity, it is important to take deliberate and decisive action to create an environment where you and your children can eat less and move more, for a healthier happier family.

If you have obesity, start a conversation with you GP about obtaining the most effective treatment available.

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