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The Sleeve Gastrectomy: Streamlined

The Streamlined Sleeve Program is a specifically designed, simplified treatment plan surrounding the Sleeve Gastrectomy. It has been designed to make treatment more accessible and affordable for patients who meet the candidacy requirements.

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  • The specifics of the Streamlined Sleeve Program
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  • What is sleeve gastrectomy surgery?
  • How much weight can you lose with sleeve gastrectomy?
  • The Streamlined Sleeve cost, funding options, and insurance
  • Advantages of sleeve gastrectomy surgery
  • Major health risks associated with obesity
  • How this surgery has worked for others (case studies with before and afters)

Your comprehensive guide to the Streamlined Sleeve Program

Inside the guide, we explain what the Streamlined Sleeve Program is, benefits of sleeve gastrectomy, exactly how the procedure works and what you can expect during your weight loss journey.

At The Surgical Weightloss Centre, we understand that cost can be a big factor when considering life-changing weight loss surgery. That’s why the Streamlined Sleeve Program was developed as the most affordable surgical weight loss option.

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