Dr Jordaan appointed as the Gold Coast Private Hospital’s Lead Researcher for the Bariatric Surgery Registry

Dr Jordaan appointed as the Gold Coast Private Hospital’s Lead Researcher for the Bariatric Surgery Registry

Gold Coast specialist surgeon of 20 years Dr Jacobus “Jorrie” Jordaan has been appointed as Gold Coast Private Hospital’s lead researcher for the independent Bariatric Surgery Registry of Australia.

Bariatric surgery has been well established as an incredibly effective treatment for diabetes, heart disease and infertility – and has now been linked to reducing the risk of 13 types of cancer including colorectal and breast cancer.

As a lead researcher for Gold Coast Private Hospital for the Bariatric Surgery Registry of Australia, Dr Jordaan oversees the accurate collection and submission of data to the registry, in addition to his role as a specialist surgeon. The Bariatric Registry is a population-based registry which aims to measure outcomes for patients undergoing bariatric surgery across surgical practices in Australia and New Zealand.

“The statistics of obesity are alarming and the incidence is dangerously rising. Obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Australia.” says Dr Jordaan.

“Research has shown time and time again that people suffering from obesity can’t just eat well and exercise to lose a large amount of weight. For people with obesity, diet and exercise provides modest long-term weight loss at best, not the extreme weight loss people expect. They need clinical intervention and medical treatment of their disease, but often feel too judged to ask for it.”

The Bariatric Surgery Registry aims to ensure the immediate and long-term quality and safety of bariatric procedures in Australia. The registry independently collects data on patients undertaking weight loss surgery and tracks the results of each surgeon, procedure and device, looking at weight change, diabetes resolution, complications and re-operations. It publishes an annual report that aims to be a summary document of all bariatric surgery procedures across Australia.

Dr Jordaan has submitted his bariatric surgery data for independent peer review to the Bariatric Surgery Registry since 2012.

“The Bariatric Surgery Registry provides a great opportunity for surgeons to contribute to the continued safety and quality of bariatric procedures in Australia.

“I am proud to now play a lead role at the Gold Coast Private Hospital in measuring the quality and safety of bariatric surgery for the Bariatric Surgery Registry

Dr Jordaan specialises in bariatric surgery and the research of obesity. His private practice, The Surgical Weight Loss Centre, offers tailored treatment with life-time support to patients and a multi-disciplinary approach to care.